Xcode 12 Compatibility

Is there an updated version of Fidel SDK for iOS to be compatible with Xcode 12.0.

Getting the following error on Xcode 12
Module compiled with Swift 5.2.4 cannot be imported by the Swift 5.3 compiler
current Fidel SDK version is 1.8.1

I’m running into the same issue with a sample project and a fresh Xcode update. We’ll look into releasing a new compatible version, and we’ll keep you updated.

Thanks Laka !! Will await for further updates !!

Hi Laka, is there any further update on this ?

We’re working on it. There are some issues with the Objective-C headers that the latest Xcode is generating for the SDK. We also have Objective-C projects that integrate the iOS SDK, so we’re fixing that before we can compile the SDK.

The new version has been released today.