What does a card's accountId refer to?

Cards have an accountId attribute. What does this refer to? More generally, the API docs (Introduction) don’t seem to have much in the way of field-level information. Is it out there somewhere and I just haven’t looked in the right place?

Hi Eric,

accountId is present in most response objects from the Fidel API, and is a unique identifier for your Fidel Account. It looks similar to "4f6cb653-5ceb-417a-8709-9cb2f8628691". The only request that needs to reference another accountId is the Create Offer endpoint, for the publisherId and funded.id, in the eventuality that a different Fidel Account would publish and fund the offer created by your account.

The API reference currently documents request parameter fields and response objects, without going into field level details for the response. You can find more about the individual objects that come on the response bodies on the Fidel Docs.

Please let me know if there are any other fields I can help with, I’ll make a note to document the response object fields on the docs in the future.