We've updated our Mobile SDKs to support l10n & i18n

Our Android, iOS and React Native SDKs all got updated to support:

  • localization for French and Swedish.
  • Terms and Conditions update according to the card scheme name (Visa, MasterCard, or Amex).
  • options for programName and termsConditionsUrl. They are mandatory when country is USA or Canada.
  • internationalized Terms and Conditions for the USA, Canada, and the rest of the world.

USA & Canada New T&C: By submitting your card information and checking this box, you authorize {cardScheme} to monitor and share transaction data with Fidel (our service provider) to participate in the {programName} programme. You also acknowledge and agree that Fidel may share certain details of your qualifying transactions with {companyName} to enable your participation in the {programName} programme and for other purposes in accordance with the {companyName} Terms and Conditions, {companyName} privacy policy and Fidel’s Privacy Policy. You may opt-out of transaction monitoring on the linked card at any time by contacting support.

Rest of the World T&C: I authorise {cardScheme} to monitor my payment card to identify transactions that qualify for a reward and for {cardScheme} to share such information with {companyName}, to enable my card-linked offers and target offers that may be of interest to me. For information about {companyName} privacy practices, please see the privacy policy. You may opt-out of transaction monitoring on the payment card you entered at any time by contacting support.