Webhook - Location synch status

Is there a webhook for when a merchant location changes status. We would like to know as soon as a location status changes to live or failed, otherwise we need to keep polling the API to check the status.

Hi Dean,

Location syncing was initially called a “program sync.” There is a program.status webhook that fires when there are updates for each location in a program. This should give you the information that you require.

NOTE: Since there is no concept of location syncing in the test environment, this webhook does not fire in test.


So in the API Docs under webhooks it shows a program.status event. Is the ‘id’ in this payload the LocationID? Is there a way to test our webhook handler?

Hi Dean,

The id in the payload is the Event Id, not the Location Id.

There is no way to test the handler yet, but we’re working on it. I’ll update the thread when we have something.


So how do we know which location the event refers to. We are trying to trigger a workflow if a location fails to sync.

You can’t do that right now with the webhooks, you’ll need to login to the Dashboard to check the status for now. And re-trigger a sync manually for the failed locations.

We’re actively working on a location.status webhook, and you’ll be able to do that programatically in the near future.