Web SDK Form - Terms and Conditions Spelling Error

It looks like there is a spelling error in the add card web form in the first sentence, it says “authorise” instead of “authorize” with a “z”. I thought it was on our end at first but the embed only allows for data-company-name and data-delete-instructions for the text, so I think it is in the source. Can you confirm?


Hi Michael,

Thank you for pointing out this issue.

In the Fidel webSDK, we support en, fr, and sv (English, French and Swedish). For English, we use the Queen’s English, and in the UK, authorise is spelled with a ‘s’, not a ‘z’.

As an American working at a UK based company, I understand these differences all too well and how they can color (colour) our experiences. (see what I did there? :slight_smile:)

As a part of continuing the internationalisation (or, as we Americans might say, internationalization :wink: ) of our WebSDK, we have added an additional ‘language’ en-us which spells authorize correctly for our North American customers. We will shortly add this support to our mobile SDKs.

You can now change the data-lang parameter to en-us and see the correct North American spelling of authorize. We will continue to root out these spelling changes and correct them for our partners across the pond.

Thanks again for pointing this out to us,


Hi Doug,

Thank you for pointing this out!! I feel l might have recognized colour as a language difference rather than spelling, but I didn’t realize that authori[s/z]e was spelled differently. Thank you for teaching me something new today! :slight_smile: And thanks for the new fix, I only saw ‘en’ and ‘sv’ as currently listed in the documentation for WebSDK.

Cool, I’ll manoeuvre my way to the embed config and make the change. Thanks again!