Understanding transactional data 🖥

Understanding Transactions on your Fidel Dashboard

To make the best decisions, you need context. In practical terms that means data. That’s why we’ve compiled a few quick tips to make tracking your customer transactions even easier.

:face_with_monocle: To get started, navigate your way over to the Transactions tab on the Fidel Dashboard.

:credit_card: Transaction Status & Timestamp

How to read a transaction’s status and timestamp

  • Status Type:

  • Auth = Transaction authorised in real-time (RT), but not yet processed

  • Cleared = Transaction processed & funds transferred.

  • Real-Time Capabilities:

  • MasterCard: Available

  • Amex: Available

  • Visa : Available

  • Transaction Status: :white_check_mark:

  • Real-time: For purchases made on cards with RT capabilities the transaction status will show “Auth” seconds after a transaction is made. Then once fully processed, the status will show “Cleared.”

  • Non-real-time: For purchases made on cards without RT capabilities, transactions will show up on your dashboard 48-72 hours after the transaction is made.

  • Transaction Timestamp: :alarm_clock:

  • A full transaction clearing takes between 48 and 72 hours depending on card scheme for it to appear on the dashboard.

  • Real-time: The timestamp will match the actual time the transaction occurred.

  • Non-real-time: The timestamp won’t be accurate, as real-time data is not tracked and is often later than when the actual transaction took place.

:shopping_cart: Which merchants have real-time capabilities?
Check with your merchants to confirm who has real-time compatibility.

:shopping: Returns

Identifying transactions which were returned

  • Fidel processes all refund data. Once a refund is applied, it shows up on the dashboard as a negative transaction.
  • Returns will show up as a separate transaction. If the full transaction is refunded, Fidel will match the transaction.
  • Please make sure you’re aware of merchant return policies.

:computer: Support and Queries

We’re here to help!

Questions? Just email us at support@fidel.uk. Depending on your query, please include the following details when applicable:

  • Transaction ID
  • Card_ID
  • Location_ID
  • Brand_ID

You can locate ID info for transactions by clicking on the double arrows icon: < >

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Happy linking! :nerd_face:

The Fidel Team