Transactions query

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  1. What cases are there where an auth transaction will occur but the transaction won’t be cleared?

  2. How often do merchants send transactions in batches meaning time based loyalty systems won’t work?

Those are very good questions, Ben, thanks!

For the first one, the cases where the transaction isn’t cleared are if a card was enrolled after the auth transaction happened(in which case we don’t see the cleared transaction), or if the auth transaction was refunded before it cleared (some services do a card check with a small or zero amount transaction which they refund in a short time frame).

I’m not really sure about how often merchants send transactions in batches I’m afraid, it’s highly dependant on the specific merchants enrolled in a program. I’m looking into it though, and I’ll get back here if I get exact data on it.

Can you give a ballpark figure on how likely this is to happen (transactions sent in batches).

We’re building a time based loyalty system and figures would help.

Looked into it, and I’m afraid I can’t give you even a ballpark figure on the likelihood, we don’t have a second data point to compare the time differences. However, your merchant should be able to tell you if they batch or not.