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There are enough credit cards in circulation to span the earth over 3.5 times. With so many transactions, things can get complicated. That’s where Fidel comes in!

If you’re having trouble finding specific transactions on your Fidel Dashboard, follow the steps below.

:raised_hand:First, sign into your account on the Fidel Dashboard :arrow_right: Dashboard.Fidel.UK, then follow the check points below.

1) Check that the relevant merchant location is registered

Go to ‘Programs’ and confirm the merchant location is listed as a Fidel program, with a status of ‘Active’ under the relevant card scheme.

  • If the merchant location is absent or not ‘Active’ , you’ll need to add the merchant location to the Program as it currently isn’t enrolled to your Dashboard. For more info. on how to sync merchant locations to the Fidel Dashboard, our documentation has a section on location syncing.
  • If the merchant location is present and ’ active ,’ continue to checkpoints 2, 3 and 4 below. :arrow_down:

2) Check that the merchant location was onboarded pre-transaction

If the merchant location was added after the relevant transaction took place, the transaction would not have been recorded or tracked.

3) Check that the payment card is registered

Go to ‘ Cards’ and confirm the relevant payment card is registered.

If you are unable to find the relevant transaction based on the information provided on the Dashboard, find a friendly Developer and use the Fidel Docs ‘Get Card’ section to identify a registered card’s CardID.

  • If the card cannot be found in the Fidel database, enroll the card manually via the Dashboard or the customer can register the card on your application’s SDK. Once the card is registered, future transactions can then be recorded.
  • If the card is already registered, continue to checkpoints 3 and 4 below. :arrow_down:

4) Check that the payment card was registered pre-transaction

If the card was added after the relevant transaction took place, the transaction would not have been recorded or tracked.

:computer: Support and Queries

We’re here to help! If you’re still having trouble locating specific transactions, shoot us an email at Depending on your query, please include the following details when applicable:

  • Transaction Time/Date
  • Transaction Amount
  • Card ID
  • [Merchant] Location ID

You can locate ID info for transactions by clicking on the double arrows icon on the Fidel Dashboard: < >

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