Swagger or postman collection for API

Hi, is there a postman collection or swagger endpoint available for the API? I have a Postman colelction on my machine for the API, but I cant seem to find where that is on FIdel documentation.

It has a MID endpoint, but that does not appear to be referenced in the docs on the site.


The Postman collection was outdated and removed from the Docs recently. There is an Open API spec we’re currently working on, and you could import that into Postman and use as a collection. It’s still WIP, but I think usable.

I don’t think we have a public MID endpoint though.


Yes there is a MID endpoint at https://api.fidel.uk/v1/locations/{locationId}/mids but its not reference on public docs. Must have been in the collection recently removed.

The /v1/locations{locationId}/mids endpoints were deprecated and then removed from the reference and the documentation intentionally. We didn’t anticipate they’d live in the collection when we deprecated that as well.

We did not block the endpoints yet because we wanted to give enough time to migrate, for the people still using them. We recommend using the latest API version and the Update Location endpoint instead of the deprecated MIDs endpoints.