Slack channel for integration help


First time poster!

I am trying to integrate your react-native sdk into my app and having some trouble.
Under there is mention of a slack channel:, but that link appears broken.

Is there still a slack channel by any chance?

Hi Peter - thanks for the post.

I’ll update the text in the SDK - our support channel is now this Forum - so you are in the right place.

What sort of issues are you encountering?


Hi Doug,

thanks for clarifying (and updating the docs already :+1:).

My setup is:

  • react-native app, “ejected expo mode”
  • android sdk/linux build on an emulated android device
  • fidel-react-native installed and linked
  • and finally, I have a navigation screen that has a button that onPress loads the fidel ui.

While using the snippet provided (having added additional log statements for debugging purposes):

Fidel.openForm((error, result) => {
  if (error) {
  } else {;

I am facing some peculiar behaviour with regards to the result and I am unclear if I am doing something wrong.

  • The fidel ui loads and I can see the banner of my choice in the background.
  • Upon entering card details and linking I can see the grey linking card/card already linked grey popup
  • The card I am linking indeed appears in the playground.
  • Upon exiting the UI via the X button on the top left I immediately see LOG {"errorCode": "user_canceled", "message": "User canceled card linking."}

I cannot seem to be able to extract/return the result object back to my app. I get an empty object that does not contain the “result json”.
LOG {}

Have I misunderstood your documentation / is this expected?

Thanks again,

Hi Peter - thanks for the post.

I am also facing the same issue, did you find out what’s the issue is?

Hi Venkat,

No, never managed to crack this one, ended up designing around it.
The app adds the card with the form, injects metadata so the backend knows some context,
and it is the backend that then handles the “card added” on our side, via the card.linked webhook.

Hi Peter - thanks for update.

Please let me know if found any solution regarding this issue.
Thank you.

It looks like we’ve got a bug in our React Native SDK.

The same code runs fine on iOS, and I get the result object, but on Android I get an empty result object.

We’ll work on a fix and update our React Native SDK.

This has been fixed in the new version of the React Native SDK, v1.3.0. Please let me know if it works OK for you now.