Slack channel for integration help


First time poster!

I am trying to integrate your react-native sdk into my app and having some trouble.
Under there is mention of a slack channel:, but that link appears broken.

Is there still a slack channel by any chance?

Hi Peter - thanks for the post.

I’ll update the text in the SDK - our support channel is now this Forum - so you are in the right place.

What sort of issues are you encountering?


Hi Doug,

thanks for clarifying (and updating the docs already :+1:).

My setup is:

  • react-native app, “ejected expo mode”
  • android sdk/linux build on an emulated android device
  • fidel-react-native installed and linked
  • and finally, I have a navigation screen that has a button that onPress loads the fidel ui.

While using the snippet provided (having added additional log statements for debugging purposes):

Fidel.openForm((error, result) => {
  if (error) {
  } else {;

I am facing some peculiar behaviour with regards to the result and I am unclear if I am doing something wrong.

  • The fidel ui loads and I can see the banner of my choice in the background.
  • Upon entering card details and linking I can see the grey linking card/card already linked grey popup
  • The card I am linking indeed appears in the playground.
  • Upon exiting the UI via the X button on the top left I immediately see LOG {"errorCode": "user_canceled", "message": "User canceled card linking."}

I cannot seem to be able to extract/return the result object back to my app. I get an empty object that does not contain the “result json”.
LOG {}

Have I misunderstood your documentation / is this expected?

Thanks again,