Sample Application is not starting after using tutorial steps

Hi, our company is investigating a potential integration with Fidel SDK and I want to run locally the Sample Application and I’ve followed the steps described in the tutorial at GitHub - FidelLimited/fidel-card-linking-tutorial: How to Build a Card-Linked Application on the Fidel Platform With the Fidel Web SDK .
In the terminal I get the message:
Server listening at localhost:3000
and no more logs.
When I open in browser localhost:3000 I get the following message:
Cannot GET / and localhost:3001 is not opening at all.

System Info:
Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS
Node v14.17.5
npm 6.14.14

Also, we tried on Windows 10 and Windows 11 and we got same behavior.

Do you know if there are any extra steps required ?

Hi @denchiosa - let me ask our team and follow up. Stay tuned!

Hi @denchiosa

I wasn’t able to recreate your issue however I’ve tested it on Node 14, updated the dependencies to ensure they work on node 14 and then introduced a better way of managing the server and client processes in hopes that may fix your issue.

The instructions should still be the same. If you’re still seeing the same issue could you please private message me the contents of your env file and the terminal output from running npm start.

Thank you!