Revolut Card - API create 400 response code


Very recently, a card was pushed to the Fidel API, resulting in a succession of strange events:

  1. the initial response was 400, with the body containing the “message”:“Error linking card” error message.
  2. the card did not (and still does not appear on the Fidel dashboard)
  3. HOWEVER, the card creation hook event was apparently triggered, as a card failure.

We know for a fact that this card is a Revolut card.


  1. Any idea what the problem is with Revolut cards?
  2. would it be possible that other cards issued by “challenger/online” banks could run into similar issues?

A few minutes fatre after this, a non Revolut card was inserted and everything went smoothly.

I am available to discuss this in more details if required,

Kind regards

Hi @hal. We are aware of this issue, and are investigating.

Can you provide a BIN range of the failed card?


Hi and thanks :slight_smile:
The BIN is 5273461.
And I looked it up – Denmark. That would explain it, wouln’t it?

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I’m glad we figured it out!

will just confirm with the person that the card was indeed issued in DK