Mobile Android SDK configuration and embedding an Activity

Hi guys

I am trying to set the mandatory options so I can play around with this in my app.

I have been following the documentation on both the mobile sdk page and Github readme but cannot seem to successfully set these values with the sdk. Can you see where I am going wrong from these images?

You will notice that I have set the country enum to a variable but that isn’t how the documentation says to interact with the sdk and I assume isn’t going to work.

Hi @Jack ,

That’s correct, Fidel.Country is an Enum type, used to set the Fidel.allowedCountries property. The correct way to use it is:

Fidel.allowedCountries = new Fidel.Country[]{Fidel.Country.UNITED_KINGDOM, Fidel.Country.JAPAN, Fidel.Country.CANADA};

Hey @laka ,

thanks for your response and the usage of allowed countries. My real confusion is why none of the Fidel.{method} fields seem to be working in my environment. I have the sdk installed as can be seen from picture 2, using version 1.5.2. But also in picture 2 you should be able to see that company name, pricacyUrl and delete instructions, that all just take simple strings are not being recognised.

I’m sure it is something simple that I am missing as Native Android isn’t my best area. Would you know why this is the case and what I can do?

Because the documentation says you simply set the value as so:

Fidel.companyName = "Your Company Name" // default: "Company Name".

Which in the above pictures, seems to not be working :confused:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


That’s because you’re trying to set the Fidel properties directly inside the fidelActivity. That activity is a class and can be used to register methods and properties, not call methods. Try moving all your Fidel code inside a method in the fidelActivity class.

Excellent, I should be able to start testing this sdk now haha. I was clearly thinking they were something they were not! I can test the activity now, thank you.

Can the activity be embedded into an existing activity or would that not work? as there is a close icon in the top left of the activity in the docs, indicating that embedding is not really the intention.


Thanks for the help


The SDK can’t be used as a Fragment, so it can’t be embedded for now. It has to use an Activity as the starting point.

Okay no worries, maybe in the future :wink: Thanks a lot for your help!