Mapping Data with Fidel and CMS


This may be trivial, but we’re looking into creating a CMS where we will host data about brands, offers, merchants and programs.

Now, we’d like to push this data to Fidel and have them in sync. When we POST to Fidel to add the information from our CMS, I’m assuming a unique ID will be created on Fidel for this.

How can we link the data between the two systems? (so when retrieving information about transactions we can map it to merchant data in our CMS)

Hey @tlabna,

Yes, the Fidel API creates its own unique ID’s when you’re using the “Create” endpoints. But we have a metadata field in all the create endpoints, which you can use to pass any data you want along. You can use the metadata object to map your IDs to the Fidel entities. The transaction object you receive on the webhooks has this metadata information for all associated entities (like cards, locations, brands). Here’s the full list in our docs:

Please let me know if this was what you were looking for.