Is there an SDK for mobile apps built with flutter?

Just had a great chat with Sina. We discussed that on your roadmap it says that you have built an easy SDK solution for react-native. We are building our mobile app with flutter. Do you have a simple SDK solution for flutter in place?

Hey Toby,

We don’t currently provide a Flutter SDK, but we’re looking into it. At this moment, there are a few workarounds you could try:

  • you could use the Fidel Cards API to make REST requests directly from your Flutter app (and achieve the same results as with using an SDK), but you would have to be PCI Compliant before you can use the Cards API. Our other APIs don’t require PCI Compliance.
  • you can embed our Web SDK in an HTML view inside Flutter, but I’m not a Flutter expert, so not sure if this is a viable option.

I’ll keep everyone updated here about the possibility of a Flutter SDK.

Hi Alex, thanks for the swift response!

Great to hear you’re looking into it! Do you have any information regarding a potential flutter roadmap?

We don’t have a timeline right now, we’re currently looking into the feasibility of doing an SDK. I’ll let you know which side we land after we’re done with the process!

Hi Guys, @laka Any updates at all on this? Looking into the same thing as @tobylow. @tobylow Did you manage to produce a work around in the meantime?

We’ve looked into it, and decided to not do a Flutter SDK anytime soon. I’ll do let everyone here know if that changes.