How to identify ONUS transactions

How to identify the ONUS transactions. The logic we want to use to identify is based on AUTH flag in the transaction json. If we are receiving clear and and the AUTH flag is false do we consider this as ONUS.

Hey Thiru

Kamran from Fidel here. We would not necessarily consider any or all of the transactions that fall into this small category to be an ONUS transaction, there will likely be other factors to consider when categorising these.


Hi Kamran,

Can you please let us know what are the other values we can use to filter them as ONUS in Clear transaction.


Hey Thiru,

I’m afraid we don’t have any data available on the Transaction object that would let you identify ONUS transactions. We have data about the Merchant, not the Acquiring or Issuing Banks. And the timing between the “Auth” and “Cleared” events depends on the Card Networks, so it’s not a reliable indicator of ON-US transactions.