How to connect the clearing and auth transactions together?

So looking at the transaction object in your documentation

I reward the user on the auth transaction so it is realtime. But am I right to believe a second transaction for that purchase will be sent to me as well, once the purchase has cleared. Which would also set the ‘cleared’ flag to true within the transaction object to indicate the purchase has now cleared.

Is there a way I can keep track of the auth and the cleared parts of a purchase so I can update my users once the purchase clears? Perhaps one of the id’s in both transactions persist which I can use to update that original auth transaction I saved to be cleared instead.

I basically need to find a relationship between the auth and the cleared transactions so I can update my reward object to ‘cleared’

I hope I make sense.

Any clarity would be really helpful.


Hi Jack! Thanks for reaching out. In this case, the transaction ID would be the same, allowing you to tie the two webhooks / transaction objects together.

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