How do I track online transactions? 💻

How to differentiate online from offline transactions

Merchants are not always setup to track online transactions. Many smaller merchants process online transactions through the same way as their in-store payment terminals. This means that whenever a Card-Linked transaction is carried out, the Fidel API is unable to detect if the transaction was done online or in-store.

There are many reasons why this is the case, but ultimately it is the merchant’s choice how they wish to process transactions and what their agreement is with their acquiring bank.

We have seen this for many payment processors such as Square, Stripe, iZettle, Sumup and others of their kind. These companies will share Merchant_IDs across all of their merchants. This means Visa & Mastercard are unable to differentiate transactions between merchants who use these processors.

There is however a solution. The merchant needs to request a dedicated, unique Merchant ID from their acquiring bank or payment processor so that Fidel can track these transactions.

This process usually takes a couple of weeks but all parties are happy to do so in order to benefit from Card-Linking. Once this process is carried out, feel free to let us know at and we can begin

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