How do I enrol existing cardholders?

How to sign up cards already on file

We are proud to say we have enrolled over 1 million cards in one sitting through the Fidel API enrollment end-point.

There are three important aspects that need to be in place before Fidel can accept cards on file:

  1. Cardholder consent :relieved: : The customers you wish to enrol into your programme must provide consent for you to track spend. Fidel must see evidence of consent before opening the API end point. Please send evidence to
  2. PCI Compliance :policeman:‍♂ : To store cards on file, one must be PCI Compliant. Fidel needs to see evidence that you have collected card details in a secure manner. In order to provide evidence you must submit an AoC or RoC signed by a QSA to
  3. Terms of Service & Privacy Policy :nerd_face: : These need to be submitted to the card schemes for approval. Fidel asks you to send customer journey flows, Terms of Service & Privacy policy to ensure that this is compliant with GDPR. Please send this information to .

Once that is all done, you are ready to start sending card details to our API end-point. Read our docs pages for more technical information and use use our API Reference to carry out this task. Happy linking…