How do consumers enrol their credit or debit cards?

If you are new to card-linking, fear not! We’ll explain how consumers can link their cards🤔

If you’re starting to build a new card-linked program, you’re probably wondering how to go about linking cards. :face_with_monocle:This is where the Fidel web, mobile and android SDKs come in! :nerd_face:

To enrol a card, you must first create a program on your Fidel dashboard account and add locations to this programme.

:star:Note! For more information on how to sync merchant locations to your program, please go here

Fidel provides a card enrolment SDK with a secure iframe that never exposes you to card data. The iframe captures the 16 digit card number and the expiry date.

When a customer links a card, Fidel will tokenise the card details with Visa, Mastercard or Amex in real-time and provide you back with a unique card token that you can associate with a customer on your program.

As soon as a card is linked, track transactions at any of your merchant locations set up on the programme.

Fidel’s SDK takes the burden of PCI compliance off your hands as it ensures that only Fidel is exposed to the card details. :+1: