Enrolling Existing Cardholders

I was hoping to reply to the existing topic, but I think replies were turned off: How do I enrol existing cardholders?

For ingesting existing cards, is it possible to get them from Stripe and Spreedly?

Hi @tayloratoffline,

Welcome to the Fidel community. From a technical standpoint, the Create Card API will ingest cards into your Fidel Program. To gain access to this API in the Live environment, you have to reach out to developer@fidel.uk.

This API is not open automatically, as there will be a check on your implementation:

  1. If the card data is going directly from Stripe/Spreedly to Fidel, it should be fine, but any intermediary connection in the link must be PCI compliant.
  2. Linking cards with Fidel is opt-in, so you will need to verify that the cardholder has given their permission to join the Fidel program.

I hope this helps point you in the right direction!