Detecting success callback from Flutter webview

Hi, I’m developing a mobile app in Flutter which needs integration with Fidel. I saw that Fidel has no official SDK for Flutter yet. So I’m trying to workaround this by showing the web page (which has the Web SDK) in a web view. It works fine.

My question is is there a way to detect the success state? Because I need to perform a navigation upon successfully adding a card.

I thought about using the URL changes to detect this but since Fidel uses an iframe and loads content inside it, it’s not a viable solution either. So I was wondering if there’s any other way.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hello @isuru,

Glad you made the Web SDK work in your Flutter app. The Web SDK has a callback parameter that can help you get the success state. Please check the docs about it here: Fidel API - Docs

If you think that cannot work, please let me know. Also please write a bit more about your Web SDK integration in your Flutter project. The more we understand about your context, the more we can help.

Thank you!

Hi @cornel, I actually managed to get it working just today. And we did indeed utilize the Web SDK’s callbacks for this. I’m currently doing a small write-up on this. I’ll share it here once it’s fully complete.

Excellent! Glad to know you got it working with the callback.

Here is my solution.