Details within Transaction object

Apologies, if this is not a purely technical question.

The transaction id in the transaction object I understand is a Fidel generated id.

My understanding is that the merchant’s system generates a transaction ID and this is passed within the scheme message.

Is this assumption correct.
If this is correct then is there a way to get the merchant generated transaction ID from the Fidel API?


I think this is a great question! I wish I knew the answer. :slight_smile: There are metadata fields in the Transaction item, but I don’t know if the card schemes pass on any data. I have reached out to the development teams for insight. However, today is a bank holiday, so it will probably be Monday when I get a response.


The data that is added by the Scheme to the transaction is:

"identifiers": {
    "amexApprovalCode": "AA00BB",
    "mastercardRefNumber": "AABBCCDDE",
    "mastercardTransactionSequenceNumber": "0000001234567",
    "MID": "8552067328",
    "visaAuthCode": "A73H890"

Any information sent to the Scheme during the transaction is not also sent to Fidel. However, if the Merchant has tied their transactionId to the identifiers from Amex, Mastercard or Visa, they can match the identifiers from their system to Fidel and then insert their transaction Id into the Fidel record as metadata.