Customer Cashback

What we need to know is if Fidel’s API supports another scenario in Australia. On a regular (e.g. daily) basis, we will need Fidel to deposit various amounts of cash to credit cards registered on our program. Can Fidel support this and if so will the funds be debited from our bank account, our credit card account, or otherwise? Could you share the relevant API endpoint so we could check it out? What is the cost associated with this?


We’re working on an API for issuing Cashback to cards, and that would cover the scenario you’re interested in, but it’s not publicly available yet. We’re looking to release a public beta for it soon, so please keep an eye here for our upcoming releases.

The amount is debited from the Fidel account, and the cost is still something we’re still figuring out. If you can talk about your use case some more, that would help us figure out if early access to the beta releases would help.