Create Location - MIDs

How do we add/update a MID on a Location? The Create Location API call mentions searchBy/merchantIds but these want to know if its a VI or MC merchant number. Adding a MID via the dashboard doesnt require a card scheme so I dont think the API should.

Hi Dean,

The Create/Update Location API endpoints are using searchBy/merchantIds for Visa and MasterCard, because that’s what we support for now (and they are the same), and will support Amex Merchant IDs in the future (which will be different). We made the API consistent now, so we wouldn’t need to break it in the future when we add Amex MIDs.

The dashboard doesn’t require a card scheme, because the MIDs are the same for Visa and MC now, but we’ll be updating the UI to make that clearer in the future.

So to answer your question, to add or update a MID on a location, use the API endpoints, and use the same MIDs for both providers in the JSON payload. i.e.

"searchBy": {
    	"merchantIds": {
    		"visa": ["445566","556677"],
    		"mastercard": ["445566","556677"]