Card Linked Offer Response

When you have an offer active in your program, each transaction will be tested against the parameters of your offer to see if it meets the requirements.

For example if the offer is "save 10% off your purchase of £25, purchases over £25 will qualify, while those under £25 will not.

The following transaction was for £40, and thus qualifies for the offer:

  "offer": {
    "cashback": 10,
    "id": "74b074a8-aa57-48d8-b27d-ff419d218d31",
    "message": [],
    "performanceFee": 1.2,
    "qualificationDate": null,
    "qualified": true

The next transaction (for £5) does not qualify for this offer, so the offer section of the response appears as:

  "offer": {
    "id": "7e55efae-99d6-4daf-b8c4-ac9ca660e864",
    "cashback": 0,
    "performanceFee": 0,
    "qualified": false,
    "qualificationDate": null,
    "message": [
      "Transaction amount of 5 GBP is lower than the offer's minimum transaction amount of 25 GBP"

Read more about how offers work in our API reference and in the documentation