API Post for Offer Qualification

I’m creating a tiered loyalty system with three tiers for each brand. Users qualify for a tier if they meet requirements. Additionally, users can be downgraded or upgraded in the tier system. For example, if you’re in the top tier you receive 5% back on every purchase throughout the year. Similar to how Starbucks’ tiered loyalty system works.

My back-end would track what tier a user qualifies for. However, I would need an API Post from my back-end to Fidel to be able to qualify/disqualify credit cards for offers, automatically. Since offers are available throughout the year I would need to “re-qualify” card(s) if they still meet the tier’s requirements.

For example:


  1. User qualifies for Tier 1 = Offer 1
  2. Backend tells API Post to qualify user for Offer 1 (2% Cash Back)
  3. User then qualifies for Tier 2 = Offer 2 (5% Cash Back)
  4. Backend tells API Post to disqualify user for Offer 1 and qualify for Offer 2


  1. User activates and redeems offer
  2. Fidel removes card from offer after qualifying purchase
  3. Back-end checks to see if user still qualifies
  4. Back-end tells API to re-qualify user’s card if they still meet requirements

Please let me know if this is possible or if there is a work-around. Thanks!

Hi Scott,

Thanks for joining and posting to the forum. This is a great question, and the good news is that this can be done with Fidel.

We have a new feature in our Offers, where Offers can be activated. Activated offers allow customers to enter an offer for just one transaction, and then they are removed from the offer.

Let’s try this out with your scenario, and let’s say you have 3 tiers (1 is entry, and 3 is the highest). All customers who enrol would be added to Tier1 to start. When they make a purchase and redeem the offer, you will receive the transaction details, and the user will roll out of Tier 1 (and be momentarily stateless).
Your back end can then determine which Tier the user qualifies for, and add them back into Tier 1, or promote them into Tier 2 (or Tier 3!). With the cardId, you can then call the API to add them to the appropriate offer.

After every transaction (Fidel can supply the transaction data), your backend would have to re-evaluate the customer’s data, and requalify them into a tier, using their cardId.

Doug, thanks for the reply! I am excited to be the first Fidel customer to try this. Just to clarify on a few topics.

-There’s three tiers for each brand. Therefore, there could be well over a thousand tiers. (This should be fine though)

-My back-end would re-evaluate based on changes within each application’s requirements, then relay the appropriate tier for users within Fidel, and qualify/unqualify if necessary.

Thanks again for your help!

I personally tested for 2 tiers. But, yes - there should be no limit on the number of tiers.

After each transaction - the card will be removed from the qualified offer. It is up to your backend to requalify the card into the appropriate offer. If the card is not qualified for an offer - Fidel will not record the transaction.


Understood. Thanks once again!