Android crash issue at EnterCardDetailsActivity

Hi , we have of late noticed some crashes on Android devices caused by EnterCardDetailsActivity , could you please let us know if there are any known issues . FYI we are using Android 1.3.3 sdk . Please find below the stack trace of the issue


Hi there, thanks for reporting this issue. Our team is looking into it now. However, the Android 1.3.3 SDK version is almost two years old. We will test this version and look into the issue, but one of our devs recommended upgrading to the latest version (1.5.4) if you’re able to. We’ll report back tomorrow!

Hi @SwipiiDev - Our Android SDK dev looked into this and wasn’t able to reproduce the issue on a real device, but could on an emulator. Are you using an emulator and seeing this error?

He still thinks the best bet is updating your SDK version. Some small things have changed, but the changelog should help.

Hi, thanks for the prompt this crash issue was happening on end user’s physical device Nexus 5x Android OS 8.1 on live environment

Hi we have upgraded the Fidel sdk , you can close the ticket for now. Will update you if we still notice the crash in future . Thanks !!

Great! If you have issues in the future, feel free to reach out here or (which is usually faster).