Allowed event type maximum reached

In the Sandbox environment we’re getting the following the error when adding a web hook to a program.

BadRequest {“resource”:"/v1/programs/f4408aab-8f8c-4cfa-9238-826f5cae4dde/hooks",“status”:400,“error”:{“code”:“hooks”,“date”:“2020-06-30T13:41:08.747Z”,“message”:“Allowed event type maximum reached”},“execution”:104.593343}

Can anyone explain what this error means please? The program is a new program without any existing web hooks.

Hi James,

The Fidel API has a hard limit of 5 webhooks per account, per event , not per program. I think your account has reached that limit, and it has 5 webhooks registered for the same event type.

Can you please let me know if that was the case, or if this was a bug and we should investigate further?


Thanks for your response laka.

According to the documentation the limit is 5 events per program:

You can create up to five webhook URLs for the same event in the same Program

Is the documentation incorrect?


Yes, that’s incorrect, and we’re in the process of updating the documentation.