After card linked successfully receiving an empty object ({})

Fidel.openForm((error, result) => {
  if (error) {
  } else {;

Showing Fidel UI, linking cards are working fine.
Linked cards are showing in the Fidel Admin portal.

But after the linked card successfully we receiving only '{}', there are no other details.
I tried in the android emulator and OnePlus5 device.


Thanks for reaching out. I can reproduce your issue. It looks like we’ve got a bug in our React Native SDK.

The same code runs fine on iOS, and I get the result object, but on Android I get an empty result object.

We’ll work on a fix and update our React Native SDK.


Thanks for quick update.

Please let me know once the bug was fixed.

This has been fixed in the new version of the React Native SDK, v1.3.0. Please let me know if it works OK for you now.